What? More Monday Links? Why? Why Oh Why?

Not that I wanted to start up paying attention to the news about beer for this century again… but the time it takes to get one of these early modern posts out sorta leads me to wanting to provide some in-fill. I mean it is exciting stuff but how many tales of hegemonic Euro-explorer types … Continue reading “What? More Monday Links? Why? Why Oh Why?”

Your Monday’s Thoughts On The Latest Beer News

Ah, Monday. And a Monday after a quiet weekend on the beer blogging scene hovering just at the cusp of the holiday season. Dreams of Victorian veteran carvers are starting to dance in the head.* Nothing from 1600s or 1700s brewing history is nibbling at my brain at the moment. So, I turn to that … Continue reading “Your Monday’s Thoughts On The Latest Beer News”

Your Monday Beer New Links For The Return To Office Work

It’s not like I dislike office work. It’s just that I like a week off in summer better. Drove too much.  About 2500 km all in all. Did home repairs and lawn stuff. Took trousers to the tailor. Visited a tiny new brewery. Yes, that one right there. I expect to post on the beers … Continue reading “Your Monday Beer New Links For The Return To Office Work”

Your Monday Morning Beer Links For Canada Day Weekend

As threatened and then oddly certified, I am stepping in for July as Stan has scampers off somewhere. And it seems Boak and Bailey are putting their feet up, too. So my July 2nd and a bit of the 3rd will be spent pounding the keyboard for your sideward glance – instead of focusing on … Continue reading “Your Monday Morning Beer Links For Canada Day Weekend”

Your Beery Update For A Mid-February Monday

While I am not living the snowy hell of the east coast, I am simply sick of winter here on the Great Lakes. It’s not like it’s been a long one either. December and January were pretty soft. But the deep cold has driven me inside and down into the basement. Next to the gas … Continue reading “Your Beery Update For A Mid-February Monday”

If This Is Monday Is That Longniddry?

  By the second week, I’ve given up on most places listed in the guides like The Malt Shovel as there are rules against kids even in their mid-teens coming into some pubs that have me befuddled. I never inquired so I might be entirely wrong about the place. Some pubs like The Ship Inn … Continue reading “If This Is Monday Is That Longniddry?”

Monday Morning Quarterbacking In Late June

It was a full weekend. I took Friday off to increase my sports spectatorship time. Beat the hell out of watching the anarcho-tots pretend to represent anything (or nothing rather being black garbed nihilists). As far as that bit of action went, it was Police 900 and Anarcho-tots zero. And perhaps Canadian rights zero as … Continue reading “Monday Morning Quarterbacking In Late June”

In The International Monday Morning Papers…

Finally, I made it to the life of if not a jet setter, then, maybe a border hopper as this morning’s Watertown Daily News proves: While heckling from the “cranks,” or fans, was not an official requirement of the game, there was certainly plenty directed toward all four teams. Mr. Drinkwater himself engaged in a … Continue reading “In The International Monday Morning Papers…”

Day 9: A Few Updates On A Crazy Beer Filled Monday

The contest is on! The contest is on! Entries are pouring on but there has been a bunch of other stuff keeping me from posting a semi-gallery so far. It is really a hemi-semi-demi-gallery so far but you get the point. Here is some stuff I have notice over the last few days: I brewed … Continue reading “Day 9: A Few Updates On A Crazy Beer Filled Monday”