Paddy Roy says “according to the newspaper report, Roy’s house in Littleton, Colorado has been for sale for the past couple of months.  Jacques Demers says he packing it in.  If so, it is the end of something that should be noted.

I have never liked the Habs, mainly due to living through the ’70’s liking the Leafs and Red Wings listening to the divine right of Les Canadiens.  The Colorado Rockies is another team that should have won many more Stanley Cups in its own mind.  But I have always liked Roy.

In the spring 1986, I came back from Europe with $2,000.00 still in my pockets with no other excuse than the playoffs were on TV.  I could have gone to Spain or Italy.  Instead, I went night after night to rec rooms to watch the playoffs.  Glad I did.  He talked to his posts, wiggled his head like his helmet was too big and won the last all Canadian finals.  Europe is still there, I understand. Think 'curse of the babe', Habs fans

My favorite memory, however, was from 2 December 1995 when, as described by one web wag, “Habs coach Mario Tremblay left Roy in the game for 9 Detroit goals before yanking him. When Roy finally skated to the bench he screamed at Tremblay and the team president Ronald Corey, vowing never to wear the sweater of the Montreal Canadiens again.”  You gotta like it when the greatest goalie ever to play for the Habs does that.