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“United States” entry states on page 809 “New York City…was by far the largest brewing center, with lager breweries established by … Col. Jacob Ruppert…” Colonel Jacob Ruppert, Jr. was the son of the founder of the Jacob Ruppert Brewing Company, born the same year the brewery was started – 1867. Also, while the entry at page 807 mentions Albany, New York it fails to note that Albany was the main brewing city in the USA in the early 1800s. Vol. 9 of the American Farmer, 27 April 1827 states: “…there is more ale brewed in Albany, than in any one, and probably more than in any two towns, on the continent. There are five extensive establishments; one of which is aided by a twenty horse steam power, and is capable of turning off 240 barrels of beer a day…The barley is furnished by the farmers of this county, and of a few counties west of it; and the hops come principally from Madison and Oneida. Both these articles are becoming important staples…” More on early Albany brewing here. On page 810: “Many companies launched when Prohibition was repealed in 1932…” The 21st Amendment which repealed Prohibition was ratified on December 5, 1933. On page 810: “Fritz Maytag…purchased the failing Anchor Brewing Co in San Francisco in 1964…” According to Anchor’s “Our History” webpage “On September 24, 1965, Fritz bought 51% of the operation…” and would become the sole owner in 1969 (part 6 of above). On page 810: “New Albion lasted only four years…” As noted in other OCB entries (such as “California” “New Albion Brewing Co.”) and in Ogle’s Ambitious Brew and this John Holl article, New Albion, founded in 1976, closed in 1982. Consideration should also be given to the potential for brewing in 1500s Spanish Florida as well as in the first half of the 1600s in Delaware, during the period it was New Sweden. At page 807 it states that “the founding fathers were partisans of American beer” but there is strong indication that Washington and Federalists were also ecumenical in their drinks, even allowing themselves to be served Taunton Ale from England in the 1780s.