Spring is a comin’

warmer in Farenheit
All melting all the time! Don’t things look much warmer in Farenheit?

Seeing as it is within view, I find the weather forcasts from the next TV south at WWTI Watertown is more reliable for this corner of the lake compared to Ottawa or Toronto generated CBC radio weather. Kind of like the Bar Harbor, Maine / Yarmouth, NS thing. You are always adding 2 or 3 degrees and forgetting 75% of the snowfall compared to Ottawa. As a result, with a little luck all our snow will be gone by mid-week.

By the way, I think italicizing the word “Storm” in the upper right is a masterful use of graphics.

Brew Pub Co-op

The start of a career...
I am a bit excited…that’s all…I will be your king…dum-dee-dum…

What a good idea. This is a picture of Chuck looking silly adding hops to a brewing batch of beer… but quite rightly celebrating a local brew pub run as a village co-operative. $4,000 CND gets you into the co-op. It is part of the Campaign for Real Ale’s National Pub Week. I’d pony up for that kind of investment.