Wrong Conspiracy

If it weren’t for knowing about the gays friends of my mother who were
separately killed – aka bashed – for being who they were, this story might be
just funny and an example of a moron
. The opinions of the former Baptist
preacher Canadian Alliance MP should lead to his removal from office but they
won’t. They will cause an outrage, then a rallying of the stupid and then
another entrenchment that my faith somehow is related to this sort of idiocy.

What is most galling is that the efforts of the hateful, were they actually
focused on the principles of the faith, might actually advance the cause, feed
the hungry, shoe the children, increase the mass of love in the world – that
sort of pidly stuff. Why is “judge not” so easily forgotten by those so eager to
be first in line for the buffet in heaven?

Later: Well done, Mr. Harper.

The Raes

a long long time ago...
The Raes of Duns, North Britain – which was polite talk over 100 years ago for Scotland.

My children’s great-great-granduncle was Rae Penny, brother in-law to the kickin’ Evelyn Penny of Owen Sound. [Rae, jazzman, is shown my left (your right) after committing duckacide with his bro.]

Rae was named after these folk – his grandparents (I think), his mother’s folk – no, they are his father’s mother’s folk – his father was William Penny, the immigrant in this line, whose father married a Miss Rae, their daughter. The photo must be 1890 and they are elderly so perhaps born in the 1810’s or 1820’s. It is quite the thing to have an image of your child’s great-great-great-great-grandparents – seven generations, each generation in the line in at least one photograph.

Semantic Schmemantic?

I came across this essay summarizing certain ideas on where the web may go and why and I was struck how, on first review, it did not make any sense – not in the vision but the elements. There is a problem with people playing with the idea of the web which seems to be based on knowing more about the web than knowing about ideas. The utility the web can bring is through its organization not necessarily further complications of linking or these semantics, some sort of basic artificial intellegence. Before any of that makes any sense, it must be fixed to a comprehensive reference related to the way ideas work rather than the media, the web. Off the cuff, there are three ways ideas work: like a myth, like a hierarchical codification or like a dictionary – Plato, Aristotle or Samuel Johnson. [Are there more?] The stuff of dynamic ideas are not good in myth as myth is given – the tough bit is figuring meaning. That may be where the web is now as it is run by those in love with it, who love leaning over deep pools.

How it speaks to itself, as we do in our minds free of myth, will require not mimicking how we think but something more between the what and why – ideas. Someone needs to distill the ideas out of all this content and make them maliable, transformable, comprehensible. Winer’s categories are a very bad codification as it based on personal taxonomy which will likely only compound confusion – a bad filing system loses documents without them leaving the room. Google is a very bad dictionary which cannot guide you to what idea is the best or more useful for your purpose, a shoe box of receipts awaiting an accountant’s hand.

We don’t need the web to think for us. It is not there yet. We need the web to be able to even tell us what it contains first, what it has gathered – not just that it has gathered.

November 1987

old married folk now...
“If we just run away do you think Al will catch us?”

My pals Mark and Katie 16 years ago. I met Kate after having invited myself to crash on Mark’s sofa when job hunting in the UK. I never did get a job but learned much about ale and the British Museum and Bragg that trip. Missed the King’s Cross fire by ten or fifteen minutes. Now a solicitor and a BBC knob turner of some sort with kidlies, they were waitress and freelancer then.


I sometimes wonder if I am more hesitant to discuss stats than you, the reader, might like. After all, they are about you not me. The odd thing is it may very well not be about me at all as yesterday saw a jump of 66% above average visits but not hits or total Kb flow, even though I was not posting preferring to…well, you don’t really want me to get into that. The refer logs were also not busier. Friday is usually a slower day than other weekdays but yesterday was the biggest day ever at GenX40HQ – 550 visits from 310 sites. While this may just mean more bots are stopping by, well, at least they’re stopping by here – better make sure there’s lots of dilly pickle chips and Fresca in the cupboard.

So Sick

Too sick to go to work, to open the new computer boxes from Dell, to get off my butt to make tea right now. So is herself. 442 visits yesterday – anyone want to head over to make tea? Milky, please.

Songbook by Nick Hornby

As I wrote about over at STG, I am reading Nick Hornby’s Songbook, which is essentially a non-linear autobiography in the guise of a discussion of some of his favorite pop music. I don’t know if I would be so interested if it was in the guise of a discussion of some of his favorite cricket players. This can happen. Richler’s last book, On Snooker, was somewhat similarly structured – his skill overcame his admission that snooker players are some of the most pathetic peronalities you will ever meet – as is often the case most single skill celebrities.

Anyway, I have gotten about halfway through Songbook and it is one of those experiences – like Football’s World Cup – that you wish the source were chained and required to put out everyday forever. But, then, I have that rule about not encouraging slavery. Writing about writing about music is not that far off dancing about architecture. But I’m going to add to this post as I think about the book more. It just came out in paperback so you may want to pick it up.