Authors – Cornell to Gilmour

Cornell, Martyn: “bottle sizes”; “pint”; “winter ale”

Czerny, Jan: “Switzerland”

Dabove, Lorenzo: “Boon Brewery”; “Cantillon Brewery”; “gueuze” with Garrett Oliver; “Italy”; “Moretti Brewery”, “Pajottenland District (Belgium)”

Dale, Curtis: “bottom fermentation”;

Daniels, Ray: “American amber ale”; “American brown ale”; “American pale ale”; “American wheat beer”; “Bamberg, Germany”; “Black and Tan”; “Goose Island Beer Company”; “Homebrewing” with Gary Glass and Keith Thomas;

Darby, Peter: “Admiral (hop)” with Thomas Shellhammer and Alfred Haunold’

Darcy, April: “Central Asia”; “global warming”; “Philadelphia”

Deman, Geoff: “cold break”; “fobbing”;

D’Ippolito, Dan:

Dorber, Mark: “cellarmanship, art of”;

Dornbusch, Horst: “Alexis (barley)”; “altbier”; “Andechs”; “apprenticeship”; “Augustiner Bräu”; “Australian hops”; “Ayinger Brewery”; “barrel”; “Bavaria”; “bottles, with Garrett Oliver”; “buckwheat”; “canning”; “color”; “Doemans Academy, with Gerrit Blüemelhuber”; “Dried malt extract”; “dry milling”; “einfachbier”; “flip-top”; “Germany”; “Hacker-Pschorr Brewery”; “hammer mill”; “Haná (barley)”; “Hildegard von Bingen”; “hot-side aeration”; “immobilized yeast reactor”;”lager” with Michael Zepf and Garrett Oliver; “lagering”, “law” with Anda Lincoln; “Linde, Carl von”; “Lintner”; “Luitpold, Prince of Bavaria”; “maibock”; “märzenbier” with Conrad Seidl; “melibiose”; “Milwaukee, WI” with Stephen J. Pittman; “Munich” with Gerrit Blümelhuber; “old ales”; “oxidation” with Garrett Oliver; “Paulaner Brauerei GmbH & Co.KG” with Ben Keene; “Perle (hop) with Lydia Winkelmann; “pH”; “porter with Garrett Oliver; “proteins” with Garrett Oliver and Keith Thomas; “pumpkin ale”; “Uerige Brewery”; “Vienna lager”; “VLB Berlin” with Lydia Winkelmann; “weissbier” with Garrett Oliver; “wheat malt”

Downing, Jonathan: “Baudelot cooler” with Joris Pattyn; “bung” ; “carboy”; “extracts”;

Drexler, Hans-Peter: “leichtes weissbier”

Duke, Stanley H.: “diastatic power” with Cynthia A. Henson;

Dunn, Barbara: “ale yeast”; “wine yeast”;

Edney, Michael J.: “dormancy (of barley)”

Eglington, Jason: “Flagship (barley)”;

Eiken, Jens: “Denmark”;

Ekelin, Svante: “Sweden”

Evans, Evan: “liquid malt extract (LME)”; “Maillard reaction”; “malt syrup”; “pericarp”

Evans, Jeff: “cereals”; “Eggenburg Brewery”; “labelling information”; “labels”; “Weltenburger”

Folz, Roland: “brewing schools”;

Fortmeyer, Erik: “bottle collecting”;

Foster, Terry: “Boddington’s Brewery”; “Burton ale”; “Courage Brewery”; “Durden Park Beer Circle”; “English pale ale”; “Finland”; “Harwood, Ralph”; “hogshead”; “Mackeson”; “pale ale”

Fratianni, Andrew: “candle filter”;

Gilmour, Alastair: “brown ale”; “Newcastle Brown Ale”; “Porterhouse Brewing Company”; “Theakstons”, “Traquair House Brewery”, “wee heavy”