Index of Authors Comments

This is a joint work in progress, indexed from “A” to “Thomas Jefferson” by Stan Hieronymus of Appellation Beer as of week of 31 October 2011 at which time Stan threw up his hands at the tedium attached to the task. Then Simon Johnson, of Reluctant Scooper, added from “T” to the end of “Z” as of 6 December and has agreed to fill the gap from “L” to “S” single handedly. Alan McLeod of A Good Beer Blog heroically filled in from “Thomas Jefferson” all the way to the end of “K” before himself breaking down only to look for someone like Stan and finding him in Simon. Alan did load the entries and create the alphabetical list of authors so give him a break.

As of 25 December 2011, the entries were all loaded. A few orphaned entries have been caught but proof reading needs to occur. There are a couple of puzzles. As of this date, contributors Thomas Blake and Colin Kaminski are only mentioned in relation to the contributors list. Inge Russell appears only as a contributor to a footnote to “gushing” and not the author of the text of the entry.

Also, see “Directory of Contributors” from pages 888 to 895 of OCB for biographical notes on each author.