Authors – Markowski to Robertson

Markowski, Phil: “Biere de Garde”; “Dupont, Brasserie”; “France”; “Jenlain Original French Ale”; “La Choulette Brewery”, “Nord-Pas de Calais”.

Marshall, Jeremy: “automation”; “blonde ale”; “cream ale”; “wet hopping”.McFarland, Ben: “California”; “Greene King”; “Marston’s Brewery”; “Thomas Hardy’s Ale”.McKean, Jacob:Mendel, Jeff: “Cargill”; “milk stout” with Keith Villa; “New Belgium Brewing Company”; “New Glarus Brewing Company”; “World Beer Cup”.Mendes, Juliano Borges: “Brazil”Meyers, Will:Mosher, Randy: “advertising”; “Anheuser-Busch”; “Budweiser”; “Chicago”; “Immigration (effects on brewing)”; “Wahl-Henius Institute of Fermentology”.Nelson, Larry: “European Union” with Karl-Ulrich Heyse;Nickel, Jeff S.: “faults in beer”; “filtration”; “vicinal diketones”.Oliver, Garrett: “abbey beers”; “adulteration”; “aftertaste”; “aging of beer”; “ale-conner”; “Baltic porter”; “barrel-aging”; “beer style”; “Belgium”; “blending houses”; “Bohemian pilsner”; “bottle conditioning”; “bottles” with Horst Dornbusch; “brewmaster”; “bright tank”; “carbonation stone”; “cheese (pairing)”; “chocolate”; “Cicerone”; “Citra (hop)”; “conditioning”; “contract brewing”; “cooking with beer”; “craft brewing”; “crown cap”; “Curacao oranges”; “Czech Republic”; “dark ale”; “dark lager”; “double IPA”; “dry hopping”; “dubbel”; “dunkel”; “Eckhardt, Fred”; “European Brewery Convention (EBC)” with Karl-Ulrich Heyse; “extreme brewing”; “fermentation vessels” with Anders Brinch Kissmeyer”; “first runnings”; “flavor”; “food pairing”; “fruity”; “glassware”; “grant”; “gravity dispense”; “growler”; “gueuze” with Lorenzo Dabove; “history of beer”; “imperial”; “infusion mash”; “Michael Jackson”; “lager” with Horst Dornbusch and Michael Zepf; “microbrewery”; mint” with Per Kølster; “nutmeg”; “open fermentation” with Paul KA Buttrick; “oxidation” with Horst Dornbusch; “porter” with Horst Dornbusch; “proteins” with Horst Dornbusch and Keith Thomas; “weissbier” with Horst Dornbusch; “zymurgy”.Palmer, Geoff H., OBE: “aleurone layer”; “Brotzeit” with Gerritt Blüemelhuber”; “diastase”; “endosperm”;”endosperm modification”; “germination”; “gibberellins”;Palmer, John: “corn sugar”; “Irish moss”Paquette, Daniel: “Deleye, Abbot Dom Garardus”; “Hallertau Magnum (hop)” with Lydia Winkelmann; “Hallertau Taurus (hop)” with Lydia Winkelmann; “Hallertau Tradition (hop)” with Lydia Winkelmann;Parkes, Steve: “aeration”;”anti-foaming”; “apparent extract”; “brewing process”; “carbonation”; “cold water extract”; “Dalton’s law”; “evaporation rate”; “fermentability”; “liter degrees per kilogram”; “organic ingredients”; “underletting”; “vorlauf”.Pattinson, Ron: “Barclay, Perkins & Co.”;Pattyn, Joris: “Baudelot cooler” with Jonathan Downing”; “Bosteels Brewery”;Payne, Glenn A.: “Argentina”; “Farnham (hop)”; “Ireland”; “Murphy’s Brewery”; “Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co.”Peacock, Val: “adhumulone (with Thomas Shellhammer)”; “American hops”; “American Tettanger (hop)”; “bitterness”; “Chinese hops”; “Elbe-Saale hop region”; “English hops”; “French hops”; “German hops”; “Hallertauer Mittelfrueh (hop)” with Thomas Shellhammer; “Hallertau hop region”; “hop pellets”; “hop seal”; “hop sortage (aroma varieties)” with Dick Cantwell’; “Idaho (northern hop region)”; “Idaho (southern hop region)”; “International Bitterness Units (IBU)” with Matthew Brynildson; “iso-alpha acids” with Thomas Shellhammer; “Tettnanger (hop)”;”linalool” with Thomas Shellhammer; “lupulone” with Thomas Shellhammer; “New Zealand hops”; Opal (hop); “Palisade (hop)”; “Polish hops”; “Tettnang hop region”; “Ukrainian hops”; “Earrior (hop)” with Thomas Shellhammer; “Willamette (hop)” with Thomas Shellhammer; “Willamette Valley hop region” with Thomas Shellhammer; “Yakima Valley hop region” with Thomas Shellhammer; “Žatec hop region”.Pepper, Barrie: “Beer Orders”; “cask conditioning”Philliskirk, George: “autolysis”; “Balling scale”; “Beer Academy”; “bioluminescence”; “bulk transport”; “Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)”; “carbon dioxide”; “carrageenans”; “citric acid”; “continuous fermentation”; “coolship”; “dextrins”; “diacetyl”; “Dorber, Mark”; “esters”; “fermentation”; “glucans”; “glucose”; “glycogen”; “Grundy tank”; “gyle”; “Institute of Brewing & distilling (IBD)”; “maltodextrins”; “maltose”; “maltotriose”; “micronized grains”; “pasteurization”; “Pasteur, Louis”; “Plato gravity scale”.Pittman, Steven J.: “Milwaukee, WI” with Horst Dornbusch; “pyruvate”; “terpenes”.Priest, Fergus G.: “acetic acid bacteria”; “bacteria”; “gram stain”; “Obesumbacterium process”; “pectinatus”; “pediococcus”Protz, Roger: “Adnams Brewery”; “ale houses”; “ale pole”; “ale-wives”; “David Bruce”; “Budweiser Budvar”; “Ceske Budjovice”; “coaching inns”; “drinking customs”; “drip back”; “extra special bitter (ESB)”; “Flag Porter”; “Ind Coope & Sons”; “Meux Reid & Co”; “Pilsner Urquell”; “pub games”Rabin, Dan: “Celis, Pierre”; “De Kluis (Brewery)”Robertson, Bev: “acetaldehyde”; “China”;