Authors – Glass to Jakob

Glass, Gary: “homebrewing” with Ray Daniels and Keith Thomas’

Glover, Brian: “Arthur Guinness & Sons”; “breweriana”; “imperial stout”; “mild”; “U Fleku”; “Wales”.Goldman-Armstrong, Abram: “Beamish & Crawford”; “Wyeast Laboratories”.Gordon, Dan: “Weihenstephan”.Gostomski, Ryan: “Poland”Griffin, Jon: “East Kent Golding (hop)”; “Eastwell Golding (hop)”; “First Gold (hop)”; “Glacier (hop)”; “Golding (hop)”; “Green Bullet (hop)”; “Pacific Gem (hop)”, “Pilgrim (hop)Grossman, Ken: “draft beer”;Haggerty, John: “calcium carbonate”; “calcium choloride”; “calcium oxalate”; “calcium sulfate”;Hall, Alex: “Cask Marque”;Hampson, Tim: “aluminum kegs” with Stephen Hindy”; “Asia Pacific Breweries Limited”; “bitter”; “Burton snatch”; “calandria”; “Caledonian Brewery”; “Corona Extra”; “distribution” with Stephen Hindy; “drinking vessels”; “Fuller, Smith & Turner”; “George Gale & Co., Ltd.”; “Great British Beer Festival”; “green beer”; “Hook Norton Brewery”; “ice beer”; “lautering”; “London and County Brewer, the”; “mash filter” with Stephen Hindy; “Pilsen (Plzeň)”; “temperence”; “weevils”; “widget”; “Worthington Brewery”Harrell, Bryan: “Asahi Breweries”; “Japan”;Harvey, Bryan: “CDC Kendall (barley)”; “Harrington (barley)”;Haunold, Alfred: “Admiral (hop)” with Peter Darby and Thomas Shellhammer; “Backa (hop)”; “Cascade (hop)” with Thomas Shellhammer; “Chinook (hop)” with Thomas Shellhammer; “Cluster (hop)” with Thomas Shellhammer; “Crystal (hop)”; “CTZ (hop)” with Brian Yaeger; “Eroica (hop)”; “Liberty (hop)”; “Lubulin (hop)”; “Mount Hood (hop)”; “Northern Brewer (hop); “Pride of Ringwood (hop)”; “Ultra (hop)”.Hayes, Antony\Hayes, Patrick: “malting barley” with Per Kølster; “phenolic”Heisel, Scott E.: “American Malting Barley Association, Inc.”; “Hordein”;Henson, Cynthia A.: “diastatic power” with Stanley H. Duke;Heyse, Karl-Ullrich: “European Brewery Convention (EBC)” with Garrett Oliver; “European Union” with Larry Nelson;Hindy, Stephen: “aluminum kegs” with Tim Hampson; “Brewers Association”; “Brooklyn, New York”; “distribution” with Tim Hampson; “Grant, Bert”; “Manhatten, New York”; “mash filter” with Tim Hampson; “near beer”; “Trommer’s Evergreen Brewery”; “United States”.Holl, John: “Achel Brewery”; “Bass & Company”; “Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute”; “Briess Malt & Ingredients Company”; “diatomaceous earth” with Wolfgang David Lindell; “Lallemand”; “Löwenbräu”; “Magic Hat Brewing Company”; “malting” with Wolfgang David Lindell; “Pabst Brewing Company”; “Perlick”; “Zastrow, Klaus” with Wolfgang David Lindell.Holley-Paquette, Martha: “barley yellow dwarf virus”; “Einkorn wheat”; “Hop mosaic virus”; “Legacy (barley)”, “Optic (barley); “Tradition (barley)”.Holliland, Chris: “beechwood chips”; “Bere (barley)” with Shawn Townsend”; “copper”; “fruit beers”; “ginger beer”; “iodine”; “Lovibond”Hornsey, Ian: “amino acids”; “amylases”; “amylopectin”; “amylose”; “anthocyanogens”; “Bentonite”; “black malt”; “borage”; “Brewers’ Company”; “bride-ale”; “Burton-on-Trent”; “cakes and ale”; “caramel malts”; “caryophyllene”; “Catherine the Great”; “Chevalier (barley)”; “East India Company”; “Egypt”; “emmer”; “Free Mash-Tun Act (1880)”; “Guinness, Arthur”; “hekt”; “Industrial Revolution”; “last orders”; “Maris Otter (barley)”; “melanoidins”; “Ninkasi”; “porridge beers”; “public houses (pubs)”; “taverns”; “tied house system”; “wassail”.Horowitz, Jonathan: “Baltika Breweries”; “Hürlimann Brewery”; “Moctezuma Brewing”Hughes, Oliver:Hunt, Brian: “beer engine”; “beer spoilers”; “Golden Gate kegs”; “Hoff-Stevens kegs”; “hot liquor”; “infection”; “Lewis, Michael J.”, “microbes”Huxley, Steve: “cask breather”; “effluent”; “Herrera, Don Alonso de”Jakob, Oliver: “flotation tank”; “iron”; “manometer”; “pentose”; “pumping over”; “tannins”; “vacuum evaporation”.