CNY Roadtrip To Stock The Stash

Back. I made it back. I hit four beer stores over around 500 km and nine and a half hours. Now, whereas Pretty Things was just a one time bottle that I passed in the night, now I have seven bottles representing three of their brews and any number of batches. Those canny little cap … Continue reading “CNY Roadtrip To Stock The Stash”

Stash Renewal… Expansion… Whatever…

  I heard somewhere it was International Be Good To Yourself Day…so I was. I visited the fine folk atFinger Lake Beverages with Gary of Ithaca, sometimes posting author around these parts, and went on a small spree. The sort of spree you go on when you realize winter is coming and a quick zip … Continue reading “Stash Renewal… Expansion… Whatever…”

Session 132: A Homebrewing Conversation

For this month’s edition of The Session, host Jon Abernathy of The Brew Site has asked us to consider home brewing.  This is an interesting thing as we do not often get to consider, to reflect. To dwell upon. OK, who is kidding who? That is all I do. I have had three phases of home brewing, the last … Continue reading “Session 132: A Homebrewing Conversation”

A First Good Beery Question In 2018 To Ponder This New Year’s Day

People complain. People complain that folk complain. It’s quite odd given people complain all the time about the value of this or the value of that. From donuts to computers to cars to the location of your house, people question and complain every time that feeling creeps up where what was assumed to be worth … Continue reading “A First Good Beery Question In 2018 To Ponder This New Year’s Day”

Al and Max and the Strange Blue Light

I have been playing with this addition to the adventures of Al and Max first shared with the world in 2014’s cult classic, The Unbearable Nonsense of Craft Beer.  The five whole reviews of that first book left at Amazon have meant the world to me since that time. It is still available at a very reasonable $12.95 … Continue reading “Al and Max and the Strange Blue Light”

Half Hours On Earth, Seaforth, Ontario

I’d like to say that I visited Half Hours on Earth a few weeks ago but it was more like a drive-by shooting. Except I was only shooting with the iPad camera. See, it was summer and the kids at camps and cottages on the Lake Huron shore. My only job that week off was … Continue reading “Half Hours On Earth, Seaforth, Ontario”

Session 116: As Gose Goes So Goes It All

This month’s edition of The Session sees host Derrick Peterman ofRamblings of a Beer Runner asking everyone to write about the “German” sour beer style Gose: I choose the Gose style in particular since it can be approached in so many different ways. Want to talk about the history of the Gose? How about how … Continue reading “Session 116: As Gose Goes So Goes It All”

Review: Ontario Craft Beer Guide, Leblanc And St. John

I have been remiss. Well, late. Not lazy. Late. Distracted? Distracted. Jordan and Robin sent me a digital copy of this book weeks ago and I have only gotten to writing my review now. There’s been taxes to do at the last minute. Children to take to sports or hover over as math gets the … Continue reading “Review: Ontario Craft Beer Guide, Leblanc And St. John”