Middle Ages Brewing By Shoe Cam

We had a bit of a beer blog break through as Gary and I met at Middle Ages Brewing in Syracuse NY as part of his day of two tailgates and my introduction to NCAA football. It was a perfect place to meet to start the day. Gary filled in when my camera’s memory card let it be known that it was not about to cross international borders this weekend. The effect was top notch shoe camera.





Let me start by saying, this experience is fairly foreign to Canada but not unknown. Middle Ages opened its doors on Saturday at 11:30 am. Gary was there at the bell and reports that there were a couple of dozen beer fans lined up with growlers to be filled. Once those guys were served, two happy gents behind the bar asked what we wanted and sold us – no, gave us free 4 oz shots of their excellent fresh ale. I tried their porter, IPA and the double IPA. All were as good as I remembered. So good I bought the baseball hat. I figure that if a brewer is good enough to go into business, make great ale and then give it to you for free, you ought to buy the hat. Note also Gary’s uncanny capture of the original portrait of the wench who wails. Gary also showed me the first beer blog award pottery component which now just needs me to forward the brass plaque for the 2006 award to be announced later in the year – though I already am pretty sure I know who is getting it.





I mention that I have not seen exactly this sort of thing in Canada before but I have almost seen it. In the days before the beer blog, I lived in the Maritimes and Halifax’s Garrison Brewery would serve all you want. But it had to be booked and was a private affair for attendees only. You got to pour and hang around asking the happy patient brewer lots of repetitive questions and also get a tour of the place but it was not a moment to meet other beerfans and you did have to stick around for the time booked. I like the Middle Ages approach better.

So a return for the tour is definitely in order as are more secret assignments with Gary and the shoe phone.

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    gr [11:52 AM October 1, 2006]
    I do produce some odd angles, don’t I? It makes cutting edge, out there, sort of reportage. It should be noted that gary was your Mr Taxi that day, therefore he could only watch SADLY as the free beers were enjoyed, and it should also be cross referenced that nearby Dino Bar-b-q with the luscious food and wailing wenches is probably the best bar on planet earth, and this from a vegetarian. Next time, of course, I want a different driver and frozen custard at the end. (listen, what happens in Syracuse, stays in Syracuse)
    That cat looks happy. But then why not, he lives in the tap room.

    Paul [12:24 PM October 1, 2006]
    Seconded on the Dino BBQ nomination for overall best of everything they do anywhere they do it. Yum to a very high order. Congrats to Middle Ages on staying on the high road of brewing and spreading their religion of ale pleasure one sampler at a time.

    Greg Ketcham [10:37 AM October 5, 2006]
    Ah, Alan, you should’ve been down over the summer as Middle Ages threw a bash in the park next door to celebrate their 11th anniversary – that was fun!
    But speaking of hospitality: there was a time, eons ago, when we visited Upper Canada and sampled every damn thing on tap once through, then the host says “anything you want to try again”? I recall that we were on foot, it was our Spring Break time (so middle of March, perhaps) and we eventually staggered out through the slush and snow in T.O. Now, that was a good day 🙂


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