Once Upon A Time I Was Stan’s Summer Intern

It happened so fast:

I officially endorse this idea. “What I did on my summer vacation.”

What idea? Covering for Stan as he blows off July’s obligations and skips the Monday beery links stuff. And he deputized me. Me?!? The good news is I have done this before. Stan likely started out just copying my old Friday links from about a decade ago. You know, when blogging was cool. Not like now. Now, when it’s like slipping out quietly to attend the CB radio fan club meetings.*

To be fair to what he privately calls Team Stan – and in line with the terms and conditions he surprisingly sent me via email immediately after he tweeted – I might need a few hints. So little of what is written these days has any oomph that I might need guidance to a hidden gem. But, let’s be honest: anything Lars writes is fabulous and will always make the cut. Twitter outrage? Not so interesting. There. You have your marching orders. Send me links via beerblog@gmail.com.

Five Mondays. That’s all. Let’s see what we can learn.

*All foreseen 14 years ago.


5 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time I Was Stan’s Summer Intern”

  1. The thing Stan is especially good at — and that might help you with your ennui — is finding stuff from *outside* beer writing and blogging that nonetheless applies. It’s always interesting to see what he uncovers from the world of wine in particular.

      1. Oh, I am covering wine. I have nine vines in the yard promising a fabulous suburban blend this fall and one poor wee Cab Franc battered by last week’s rain which now promising nothing at this point.

  2. I shall try to seek as wide a view as Stan might approve. I fear it might be so wide that it could include thoughts on Airfix models of WWII planes and regional Canadian politics with no connection to beer at all.

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