New Openings For Unpaid Interns And Brewing Trade Association Moles

Have you ever wanted to be an unpaid intern or a brewing trade association mole for one of the most celebrated and venerable beer websites cunningly located in both the western and northern hemisphere? Me too! That is why years ago I set up our unpaid intern and brewing trade association mole programs with the hopes that someone somewhere would want to be one and that someone somewhere would take that other person’s initiative as a sign of my own value and give me advertising money.

Well, the day is again here for refreshing the pool of unpaid interns and brewing trade association moles along with an exciting new opportunity developed (more in proximity* to as opposed to) with a local community college. Now you can be an unpaid intern in the very attractive field of brewing trade association mole. Fantastic! Why didn’t the curriculum committee think of this before?

Just put your name, contacts and the reasons for applying in the comments below and the approvals committee will be in touch lickety-split if you offer anything really spicy in terms of shared graft, rumour and innuendo.

*site of a handy district bus transfer spot I know.

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