Beer Hunting in Michigan and Quebec

I have a couple of big trips coming up in October. Circumstances place me to the west in London, Ontario relieved of duties before noon on a Friday which means I have an hour to head further west still to the border at Sarnia and the afternoon to shop in Michigan. Having been there before, I have a sense of what I am looking for: something wet hopped, a case of Two Hearted Ale…as well as a little Bud American Ale…just to see. I don’t think I’ll make it as far as Jolly Pumpkin but Ron has given me the name of some of his most north-easterly clients so with any luck I will land some anyway.

The next weekend, however, sends me far east through largely uncharted territory as I head to a small IT/brainiac conference called Zap Your Pram in PEI. I will try to stop in a few government stores out east but on the way back on Sunday, I hope to hit a beer store or two in Quebec City like Le Monde des Bieres or Dépanneur de la Rive. I want to get my hands on some Dieu du Ciel for sure but, as John Rubin mentions in today’s Toronto Star, there are plenty of Quebec-made brews we never hear about in English-speaking Canada. The same is true of any regional brews due to our wacko inter-provincial trade restrictions but Quebecers, arguably, have a taste for a broader range of flavours than the rest of we Canucks and it shows in their brews. So maybe I’ll grab something from Microbrasserie Charlevoix or Hopfenstark, both unknowns to me but well regarded by the BAers.

Any hints before I undertake the 4,000 km two-part tour?

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    Lubiere – October 1, 2008 8:18 PM
    Have a great trip, Al!

    Definitely go to Le Dép de la Rive…

    There are a few spots in Trois Rivieres which also stock up on rare QC brews, and one of them is close to the 40:

    Aux Dieux de la bière
    5770, boulevard Jean-XXIII (Jean 23 Exit)
    819 840-3596

    and go to Shawinigan….2 excellent brewpubs there!

    Alan – October 1, 2008 8:39 PM
    Hey! Thanks Lubiere. Any gems I should look for and – more importantly – are all these shops going to be open on a Sunday?

    TeacherPatti – October 2, 2008 12:07 AM
    Sorry you can’t make it into the Ann Arbor area! If you do happen to see any Arbor Brewing Company beer in your travels, I’d recommend it. I have cases and cases of it in my basement right now (long story).

    Safe and happy travels! 🙂

    Jim Rizzo – October 2, 2008 8:08 AM
    Looks like you’ll be going through New Brunswick. Check out Picaroons in Fredericton. I drank a lot of their beer while I was up there for a conference this summer. It’s good stuff. Their bitter and Irish red are fantastic, and their IPA is different, but excellent. I wish I could get it in the States.

    Paul of Kingston – October 2, 2008 2:32 PM
    A journey to the marche Jovi some 24 months ago led me to Unibroue’s Eau de Benite. I totally enjoyed it and crave more but alas cannot find it agin – not even on Unibroue’s website. Anyways – drink it if you find it on your junket.

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