MacKinnon Releasing A Beer With Terroir… Really…

This is odd. A rare case, indeed. A press release that you are really interested in for what is actually set out in the press release: Bath, ON – You’re invited to raise a glass with MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Company on Monday, November 7th. Get the first taste and celebrate the release of our brand … Continue reading “MacKinnon Releasing A Beer With Terroir… Really…”

My Weekend With MacKinnon Brothers Brewing

I visited a brewery today. Barns filled with brewing equipment. No one was there. Walked into the keg storage building and saw kegs. Tried a door with a padlock on it. Padlock was open as it turned out. Even had the key still in it. Went in and looked at all the fermenters. Shouted hello … Continue reading “My Weekend With MacKinnon Brothers Brewing”

Yesterday, I Bought Beer At A Local Grocery Store

Well, that was interesting. I was out grocery shopping yesterday and discovered that arguably the best Ontario beer selection in town is pretty much at a grocery store I never go to all that often. It’s a bit of a premium store. The sort of store where a can of something I can buy for … Continue reading “Yesterday, I Bought Beer At A Local Grocery Store”

The Tale Of Two Harvest Ales

You will recall my slight obsession with MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co., located a mere 20 km to my west in the Loyalist town of Bath, Ontario. Attentive readers will recall that brewmaster bro* Dan joined me to represent Canada at the 1780 Challenge organized by Craig three years ago, back in the spring of 2015 … Continue reading “The Tale Of Two Harvest Ales”

Still Off, Five Wineries, A Flag And A New Brewery

See that there? That’s a bit of a winery with a brewery popping up rapidly behind it. I raced through the east end of nearby Prince Edward County again today as I was getting itchy feet on day four of this week off. Itchy feet from reading all of Stonch’s posts about a Londoner’s country … Continue reading “Still Off, Five Wineries, A Flag And A New Brewery”

Ontario: Windward Belgian Wheat, Stone City, Kingston

The last year has been the scene of many a revelation when it comes to my relationship with beer. Among other things, out of nowhere two fabulous breweries opened up in my immediate vicinity after years of claiming my town was the least served by fresh beer for its size in the northeastern bit of … Continue reading “Ontario: Windward Belgian Wheat, Stone City, Kingston”

Albany Ale: Straw In Wheat Beer Is Next Big Thing

It’s not quite like ten years ago when one’s name could appear in The New York Times, but I got word from cousin Mike Malone of, amongst many other things, “Books and Beer” on 1460 AM radio WVOX that news of the May 16th event in Middleburgh, NY had hit the Ale Street News. Craig has been working on a press release: On May 16th, The Middleburgh Public … Continue reading “Albany Ale: Straw In Wheat Beer Is Next Big Thing”

Another Canadian Barley Farm Brewery

This is maybe my hobby interest in this hobby of mine – brewers growing their own barley. This time its in Saskatchewan: They wanted to go back to farming, too, and were able to buy back the original farm. Lawrence and his family live there today. Most farmers sell their grain wholesale, but the Warwaruks … Continue reading “Another Canadian Barley Farm Brewery”