Canada’s Secret Olympic Success Strategy Based On Beer

It’s begun. As I reported just last Thursday, every time the winter Olympics come around we witness Canada using the power of beer against the other nations of the Earth. And our athletes do it right out in the open! The USA is waking up in shock (apparently) at the display of wanton friendliness. Bwahahahaha! … Continue reading “Canada’s Secret Olympic Success Strategy Based On Beer”

The Olympics Of Thursday Beer World News

Every four years I wake up and think: “…oh, yeah – people luge…” I am not sure how much those of you out there in my international readership care about the winter Olympics but it is fairly big here in Canada. It’s always nice to learn about the new ways that Mr. Putin has devised … Continue reading “The Olympics Of Thursday Beer World News”

Some Lessons From The Vancouver 2010 Olympics

So it winds up today with one of the most anticipated hockey games in years if not since last week. My cynicism has been somewhat dissipated though I am hardly a bandwagoneer either. Co-opting the skills of the athletes for the alleged purity of the Olympic movement or Federal politics has fallen flat in the … Continue reading “Some Lessons From The Vancouver 2010 Olympics”

An Olympics And Beer Story That Makes Some Sense

I still wonder what the average Latvian thinks about all this but at least this story makes a little more sense than needing to shut public booze sales and politicians drunk driving. Yet the International Olympic Committee is not amused: Nearly an hour after the Canadians won their third consecutive Olympic gold medal with a … Continue reading “An Olympics And Beer Story That Makes Some Sense”

Olympic Celebrations One Big Binge-o-rama

Call the Neo-probes! Athletic competitions now proven to lead to binge drinking as Vancouver struggles to keep up with drunk jet setting gangs of cow bell ringers and fans of third-rate curlering nations. Jet setting Olympic public boozing is apparently something we are very good at in Canada: “Due to an unprecedented number of intoxicated … Continue reading “Olympic Celebrations One Big Binge-o-rama”

Group Project: Western Alienation And The Olympics

We’ve spent a lot of the last 20 years hearing how that bit of Canada known as the West – the bit between BC and Saskatchewan – isn’t understood, doesn’t fit and (quite conversely) wants to rule us all. What has that done, all that cultural decentralization. Well, the Globe speculates this morning that it … Continue reading “Group Project: Western Alienation And The Olympics”

Putting The Olympics Before The House Of Commons?

I presume I am not the only one who understands the Olympics to be on one point of a sliding scale that includes little league summer’s end tournaments and Junior B hockey. How, then, could a government become so confused that this editorial observation can be made in the Globe and Mail this morning without … Continue reading “Putting The Olympics Before The House Of Commons?”

A New Olympic Record! Blaming Ottawa On Day 4!!!

You knew it was coming. Usually it doesn’t start up until the second week. But accusations are now flying, claiming that the reason Canada has no medals in the Olympics yet is due to the fact that our “sport spending” falls short: “Why are they so good?” Diving Canada technical director Mitch Geller said Tuesday … Continue reading “A New Olympic Record! Blaming Ottawa On Day 4!!!”

London’s Logo For The 2012 Olympics

So if that is the logo of the 2012 Olympics, what will the slogan be: “London 2012 – Bljezjef Braznats!!!” ??? That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen. And here is what some twits associated with the choice say: “The new emblem is dynamic, modern and flexible, reflecting a brand-savvy world … Continue reading “London’s Logo For The 2012 Olympics”