Canada’s Secret Olympic Success Strategy Based On Beer

It’s begun. As I reported just last Thursday, every time the winter Olympics come around we witness Canada using the power of beer against the other nations of the Earth. And our athletes do it right out in the open! The USA is waking up in shock (apparently) at the display of wanton friendliness. Bwahahahaha! Then, having built up the reputation, no one notices the wild elbows during the team contact luge finals. Or that bucket of wax that just happens to get spilled on the course during the downhill synchro tobogganing prelims. It’s all working exactly to plan.

2 thoughts on “Canada’s Secret Olympic Success Strategy Based On Beer”

  1. Maybe look up the definition of sexism because nothing in that tea cake ad fits it. It really is amazing you thought it was so egregious that it should be included in a beer blog…

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