A Fund for George (II)

Going through the Yahoo Group I mentioned that Brian Cormier set up for remembering George Earles, I noticed that there was a photos section and I saw this. First week of third fourth year out to Peggy’s Cove to drink bad white wine and watch waves. Luanne would be soproud to know I am a Mason. [I still think its fairly foolish but you can’t take it away from me – except if I get caught saying its foolish.] Who took the photo?

How could I have been so thin, I thought when I saw the picture…nineteen years ago. Well there was that thing called summer unemployment which saw me humping my increasingly diminishing arse all over Halifax looking for jobs that were not there until I had to go back to Truro to mow lawns. Good old George. Didn’t get to get old. Makes me as sad as I was when I heard he died seeing that picture.

Send to the fund: (902) 422-1271. They take VISA.

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