Paul Goes To The Laxfield Low House, Suffolk, England

[This post was written by Paul of Bury-St.E.]


I’ve never been to a pub quite like the Laxfield Low House. First up that’s not its proper name, but it’s what the locals call it. Its official name is The Kings Head, an Adnams pub now, but it is the stuff of legend. I’ve known of it for a number of years but have never managed to get to it before now. Set in the rolling Suffolk countryside well into Adnams territory, the small hamlet of Laxfield is a picturesque gem, so it’s only fitting that it should have such a wonderful pub, and wonderful it most certainly is. The Low House is well off the beaten track.


Largely unchanged since Victorian times this is like no other pub I’ve been in. There is no bar as such, you wander into the tap room, at busy periods you queue, which comes naturally to us British, and you order the beer of your choice from a selection of five or six, straight from the barrel. Delicious ! The taproom is one of those sort of backrooms that you just know stays at a fairly constant temperature all year round. Perfect for the keeping of beer. Whilst I was waiting to be served, the gentleman in front of me, blessed with a South African accent, ordered a pint of Carling. To the uninitiated this is factory Euro-fizz lager, also brewed in the rainbow republic. I wondered what drove people to commit such acts of gross stupidity, but then I suppose it’s just asking for trouble selling the stuff in the first place.


It’s a pub of nooks and crannies; a number small rooms and snugs plus a restaurant area. A lovely fire was blazing on the Sunday we called in. Food was excellent. Dublin prawns for starters followed by a honey and mustard grilled ham chop. Unfortunately it’s a pub you have to drive to, and I was driving, so I only had the one pint. Adnams Explorer, a golden ale of some note. Not very ‘winter’, but it slipped down well all the same. There was a welcoming fire blazing in the grate of one of the larger rooms, an interesting mix of locals and tourists lingered, sipping well-kept ale. A welcoming air flows around the whole establishment. It’s appeared to be a pub for milling about, chatting and just plain soaking up the atmosphere. The walls are a busy mix of pictures, posters and rural artefacts whilst the floors are on several slightly different levels. There were a few rural artefacts sitting in chairs, chairs I suspect they occupy on a regular basis. One local character was hawking cuts of meat in the main saloon. Meat that was on display from the open tailgate of his estate car, conveniently situated opposite the front door. All an interesting slice of bucolic Suffolk life.

I want to go back soon. Better still I want to live in Laxfield.

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    Ruth – February 13, 2007 7:35 AM
    Its a gorgeous pub and I’m pleased to see its still unchanged after the sad death of the landlord a while ago.

    The Low House is a bit of an institution – very cozy and great music sessions if you turn up on the right night. Look out for the locals’ horses tied up outside – who says you need to drive there?

    Haven’t been there since I started a beer blog myself so glad to see it featuring elsewhere.

    Stonch – February 13, 2007 3:56 PM
    This place looks fantastic – love the tap room.

    kirstie macleod – December 7, 2007 12:00 PM
    wow! this is sure a blast from the past!!
    i used to live in the low house, along with my mum and dad eddie and anna macleod and my sister connie…oh and billie the dog of course.
    i am so pleased that nothing has changed and that the old ways still rule, this village was wonderful growing up, i miss the place hugely.

    Barry Cullingford – August 9, 2008 8:56 PM
    Many fond memories of ‘The Low’. I lived on Bickers Hill from 1955-1975 and remember listening from my bebroom to the activities on the bowling green behind the pub. The landlord at that time was Steven Felgate. My favourite brew ,if I recall ,was Adnams Broadside which was rather potent.

    Jenny Ashpole – October 9, 2008 5:07 AM
    Hospitality excellent. Superb Food and Ale. Cannot fault it. Its like living back in time. Congratulations to Bob Linda and family not forgetting Rocky for their first aniversary. You must try Linda’s Steak and Ale Pie, Its to die for.

    Scot Hughes – November 10, 2008 8:16 PM
    I used to live in Laxfield as a kid back in 1980-1982, played outside while my parents and their friends hung out inside – I came back years later and realized why everyone liked ‘The Low’ – fantastic beer, food & atmosphere

    les house – September 26, 2009 12:12 PM
    I lived in the house next door to the pub in 1984,my son was born in Laxfield.I am trying to contact Mike,Josie,Adrian and Paul Wink.I hope you can help.It is a surprise for my son.
    Thank you
    Lester House

    Julia waggett – October 14, 2009 2:24 PM
    My husband and I had a wonderful evening last Friday (9 October 2009). All the customers said hello to us as we came into the pub.Friendly landlord and staff.

    Anastasia – October 27, 2010 9:11 AM
    Laxfield Low House is a jem with good food and beer, a welcoming and friendly atmosphere steeped in history. Landlords Bob and Linda make a visit to the Low House a treat. Linda is Laxfield born and bred, her grandparents once having owned the inn themselves. Bob is local too and has a history of being a andlord around the immediate area. The summer gardens are a treat and just the place for a celebration, a party, an event – there’s tables in the arbour for lunchtimes and suppers too. If you wish to stay, comfortable accomodation is available in the converted stables.

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