Saturday Afternoon Beer As I Smoked Meat By The Shed

After two weeks off that saw a lot of road, it was good to have a Saturday to commune with 5 pounds of pork and 5 hours next to the Weber set up as a smoker. As perfect a summer day as ever there was, the fire sparked quickly given the subtle breeze. I dry rubbed the joint for only an hour or so and then settled in for a long afternoon’s watch.





Despite the moment, I took a few scribbled notes:

⇒ Mill Street Organic Lager is a beer that had been mainly offered in an irritating 10 ounce bottles but is now available in 500 ml cans. It has a nice body for a 4.2% beer – some pale malt roundness framed by slightly astringent hopping leafing to an autumn apple finish. one of the few Canadian better sort of sessionable beers. Good beer at a good price that lets you have a few.

⇒ I should be grateful to have a Rickard’s Blonde in the fridge – because I happily downed the first two samples sent and then had to go back and ask for more. It’s a slightly sweeter lager than the Mill Street, a bit darker with a slightly peachy tone supported by heavy carbonation. Its light astringency is present from first sip onwards leading to a bit of a rougher hop finish. Its sameness from the sip to swallow got me thinking but it is quite worth buying for what it claims to be.

⇒ Hop Devil is an old pal that served as a change of pace mid-smoke. It pounds that crystal malt that some English beer commentators now suggest is overkill. The hops have black pepper and pine tree with maybe a bit of menthol. A beer I would happily have on hand anytime.

⇒ The Samson came my way care of a pal who was traveling through Quebec and found this at the Government SAQ store up in Gaspé on the Atlantic coast. Apple butter with molasses notes open up into black cherry. Bready and bready crusty make me think of the drink that Dr. Pepper wishes it was allowed to be. No need of this to be held out for the few and the easterly. Nothing Earth shattering but more evidence that Canada needs better beer distribution.

Shed. Beer. Shed beer. They held me in good stead as the afternoon wore on. Slow smoked the pork and slow passed the hours as I day dreamed about the human condition as well as the drawing to the end of holidays.

One thought on “Saturday Afternoon Beer As I Smoked Meat By The Shed”

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    Craig – August 14, 2011 9:28 AM
    Was your intention to make me jealous? I spent the day putting in windows. Not smoking, not drinking, putting in windows. Back-breaking vinyl windows. Okay maybe I drank a bit (Butternuts’ Snapperhead IPA and a little later, Saranac IPA and Pale Ales.) That’s beside the point. You smoked meat AND drank—my favorite past time—while I could not. Why would you do that to me Alan, why?

    Alan – August 14, 2011 9:46 AM
    It helps a lot that I am not handy.

    dave – August 15, 2011 10:14 AM
    Sounds like a great day. I was able to grill some pork tenderloin and pineapple, and enjoy a few Ballast Point Big Eye IPAs in the process. Got to give the slow smoke via the Webber a try though. Hell I even have a shed now (moved recently)!

    Jim – August 16, 2011 5:07 PM
    Perfect Saturday!!

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